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Lisa and I have seen a dramatic affect on our business over the last sales period.

We can only come to the conclusion : the “madness” and fruitily our society has succumbed to the “emergency” our government agencies, media, and misinformed public have promoted. Most definitely, our sales have slumped and we need to consider options in order to curtail our losses and improve our sales. I think you all would agree!

First, we WILL continue to open our doors on our regular days. Secondly, we are considering adjusting our hours. We will consider the existing sales,customer traffic and times of day in which most sales are being made, then balance that against employee pay and utilities to make a final decision. Once a decision is made, we will inform you of adjusted hours. As for now, we have just decided on adjusted hours for Sunday , March 15, 2020 we will open at 12 noon until 5pm. Please check emails and Litter Mate facebook page for further updates on finalized changes.

Also, we have completed our new website. This is a GREAT time for our site to be published. I urge you to go to to view it.

There you will find our Facebook and Instagram link along with a Vendor Area so that we can promote our Vendors, we will be adding a customer wish list within the upcoming week. Customers and Vendors can subscribe to our website to keep updated on “What’s Going On At Spotted Cat”.

Also, to combat our sale loss; we are doubling advertising efforts, “thinking tank” creative ways using our new website, and a possible online shopping arena!! We believe most “self-quarantine” folks will most definitely be looking for fresh websites and online shopping.

We encourage all our vendors to promote their booths via social media : Facebook, Instagram, Marketplace, Resale groups, Letgo Etc. - this has been proven to increase sales. When advertising via the Internet let customers know available at Spotted Cat Antiques 637 Creswell Lane, Opelousas, La 70570. Including Booth Number and Store Hours also helps.

ALWAYS your interest helps OUR endeavors. We will be updating you on any changes as they are needed to be made.

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Alicia and Kelly
Alicia and Kelly
21 mar 2020

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